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18 months & 3.5 years

It's been nearly a year since I last posted on the blog so thought a little update might be in order. 
Samuel is now nearly 18 months old and is running around (and falling over), chatting with new words everyday (my favourite it when he says eeese /please and akooo/thank you and nose!) and is very affectionate and loves cuddles. He is forming good relationships and enjoys seeing different people. My mum and dad look after him 2 days a week and he has a real soft spot for his 'Pop' which is so lovely to see. Samuel plays at Jacob's playgroup 3 times a week and is starting to hold his own with other children. He's not really a baby anymore but he will always be my little baby. He is cute beyond words and so loving. 
Jacob is 3 and a half and discovering different likes and dislikes. He is able to hold full conversations about really complex topics and shows great interest in how things work and asks lots of questions. He is a good big brother and is kind and caring ov…