Mummy Anger

Tonight I am asking myself how I can be so angry one minute and the next be totally over it. 

Sometimes my wonderful, caring husband can do a series of things that drive me progressively mad and result in me nearly losing it when really he's done nothing out of the ordinary at all. I put it down to "new mummy crazies". This condition, I believe, is caused by a combination of - 1, A long stretch of disturbed nights of sleep. 2, Days filled with task after task, none particularly difficult but some of which completed with one baby attatched  to a boob and a toddler climbing on you or screaming (frustrating). 3, A sad feeling that no one can help you or understand (unfounded and untrue but there none the less). 4, not finding any time to do things just for you or be able to have a "proper job". (In case you are wondering I have basically chosen to write this instead of sleep and I have a baby lying on me anyway as he will more than likely wake up If I put him down now. I also am loving my maternity leave and really don't want to go back to my proper job right now anyway. I just mean the feeling that people might think you have it easy, when they are kind of right but sometimes it feels really hard and you want to be appreciated). 

I experiene the "new mummy crazies" every now and then, usually when feeling frustrated and misunderstood, and I have learnt to keep my mouth shut as much as possible and wait for it to pass. I think my husband has also learnt to let me get on with it and wait it out. Talking during these crazy moments never helps. Talk afterwards for sure but never during. 

Note to self: Reflecting on this I think the key must to be to try to keep self confidence and self worth high. Remember that you are doing an important job and the people that love you do appreciate you. Think about the good things and the things you have achieved. Be positive. Talk before you turn crazy and if it's too late wait and talk after if you need to. Don't put too much pressure on yourself. Take it easy, the little man is only 8 weeks old. Ask for help when you need it. 

Remember the small things that make you happy like these flowers Jacob and his daddy picked for me "ere go mummy, beautiful flowers for you" awwww...

Life is great really isn't it? 

Anyone else got advice for me? 


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