Our new arrival - birth story

On the 24th July 2014 at 4.30am my waters broke.

This time around we were much calmer. We phoned the hospital to let them know but waited until 6am to phone my mum to ask her to come and look after Jacob. The contractions hadn't really started much so I had a shower, got ready and tidied the house while we waited. We had both been at work the day before and it was the first day of our 6 week summer holiday together. We can't argue with that for timing! Jacobs Dad and I drove to the hospital full of excitement and nerves about what was to come.

Once we got there I was sent to the labour ward to be examined. They said that my 'hind waters' had broken and it was just leaking, contractions slowed up like they did last time (I think I was getting nervous) and I was sent to the MLU (midwife led unit) to wait. I walked around and contractions started again. 

This is me between contractions as we waited.

Unfortunately as I had been examined the decision was made that I needed to be in established labour within 6 hours due to the risk of infection. If the contractions didn't quicken I would be moved back to labour ward. The midwife did a sweep (the midwife uses her fingers to try to open the cervix and encourage contractions to get stronger), even with gas and air it was extremely uncomfortable and made me feel very upset. I think I get a bit nervous when I have to have things like this done! It worked but not quickly enough so I was moved onto labour ward. 

Once I got round there contractions were coming more regularly and were much more painful. I got more scared and felt like I couldn't go through with it - I don't know what I thought the alternatives were! With Jacob it was a very long labour and I needed lots of help ( ventouse, epidural, episiotomy ) so I didn't really think I could do it all on my own this time. 

After a lot of screaming and begging for help (something I didn't think I would do - and I am a bit annoyed that I did) I realised that I was going to have to do it myself. Jacob's Dad helped me to visualise myself after the birth lying happily in bed with the new baby and got me saying the mantra 'I will get there' in my head. This was invaluable and I kept it at the front of my mind. I became very calm focused and quiet between contractions, dreaming of that calm place in my thoughts. I asked the midwife and Jacob's Dad to talk between themselves to take my mind off things. But I still found it very hard to relax my body enough to push. I felt like I was holding him in and trying to stop it. I kept tucking up my bum like my dog when he is scared at the vet! I worked really hard to tell my body to relax and push when the time came.

Jacob's dad took this picture of my hand while I was  pushing ! He said it looked beautiful! How sweet 

Eventually I got there and little Samuel was born at 5.30pm. The moment I was handed him was incredible. He was a little blue and covered in waxy stuff but the elation I felt was overwhelming. He cried a bit but was easily comforted by us. He fed straight away which was great. 

Unfortunately I was then unable to deliver the placenta even with the injection and a drip to induce contractions. I had to go into theatre and have a spinal block so that I could have it removed manually. Not a very nice thought but I didn't care. My baby had arrived safely and was ok I'd done it.

Placenta removed, a little tear stitched and legs numb we were eventually moved to the ward for our first night together. 

Samuel had a few breathing issues in the first night and day so was taken to the special baby unit a couple of times to be motioned but came back fine each time. The doctors said it was just one of those things and that he was ok and just to keep an eye on him. Obviously I got worried at first but in the end I was just so grateful that he was ok. 

And so we went to sleep on the first day of the start if our life as a family of 4 and I couldn't have been happier. 


Sounds like Jacobs dad was a perfect birth partner and Samuel is so beautiful. Congratulations x
beingmebeingmum said…
Thanks Bex, yes he was brilliant and is being brilliant still! We're very lucky xxx

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