We were discharged from the hospital two nights after Samuel was born. With Jacob We had to stay in for 5 nights and this time I was relieved to be able to stay in for a couple of nights too. I had been dreading being sent home after 6 hours a bag of nerves and in shock. I enjoyed the time in hospital to regroup and be reassured that Samuel was ok and healthy enough to leave and also to rest myself. I was so nervous that I wouldn't be able to rest at home!

The boy's Daddy (TD) was excited to show off the new arrival on the way home so we popped to see his nan first. Then a meal had been arranged at my mum and dad's for us which was really nice but it was a boiling hot day and in the end I have to leave to go home quite quickly so that I could relax. It was all so overwhelming. The world around me had changed - at least the way I felt about it had. We drove through towns on the way home that I found scary which I hadn't before and I was frightened about everyone's driving. All I wanted was to be tucked up safe at home with my little baby.

Taking the new baby home was quite a big deal for me - it meant the beginning of our new life and suddenly I was a mum of TWO. I'm a bit of a worrier at times and I didn't know how I was going to cope. I didn't know how much help I would get. Last time I suffered with post-natal depression and I was very frightened that I would again.

I was quite moody and tearful on that first day and night at home but things are settling down now.

TD (The Daddy) has been really helpful and supportive as have my family and friends. I am feeling very lucky.

Samuel is feeding really well and putting on weight (at day 5 and since) which is apparently really good for a breast-fed baby. Feeding has been such a breeze this time. He seemed to know what to do and so did I and it is going really well. I also knew to put on the miracle Lanolin cream each time I fed so I wouldn't get sore. I can not recommend this stuff enough. If you want to breast feed you need this in your life! Not cheap but lasts ages and I think could make all the difference if you want to breast feed successfully.

Jacob came to meet his brother in hospital and his reaction could not have been better. He was so excited to see the new baby - he didn't pay me hardly any attention! He smiled the biggest smile, said hello to Samuel, kissed and cuddled him. Ever since then he has continued to be very affectionate towards his new brother and the only issue has been making sure he is gentle enough with him.

All in all our homecoming has been great. There have been a couple of days of "baby blues" which I will write about later but we are now on day 17 of Samuel's life and I am as happy as can be with our family of 4. 



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