Baby blues

For the first couple of days of Samuel's life I was on cloud nine - despite niggling little worries about how I would cope with two when their dad went back to work.

Then came the baby blues. I'm told it's very normal to get tearful a few days after havig a baby. It happens to most mums. I found myself crying at the drop of a hat. My husband would give me a hug and a flood of tears would pour out of me. I didn't even have any real reason to cry but it did feel sad and hopeless. Very disconcerting. This info on BabyCentre sums it up really well and also has some good advice.

I suffered with post natal depression after Jacob's birth and had to take some medication to help me feel normal again. I am dreading going down that road this time so the unexplained tears and emotions led me to worry more than I would have otherwise. 

However, the boy's daddy pointed me in the direction of a letter that Stephen Fry had written to one of his fans on the subject of depression. He states that he looks on emotion as he does the weather: It is real and it can effect us greatly but it does pass and eventually a sunny day always comes along. This helped me no end and a few days later the blues had passed and I started to feel optimistic again. It really did feel like the sun coming after a rain cloud had passed.

I know that it will rain again one day but for now I am enjoying the sunshine.


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