Our Morrisons Meal - Yum!

This week I was lucky enough to be picked to be a #morrisonsmum and was sent £80 in vouchers to spend in store over the bank holiday to test out their ‘New Cheaper Morrison's’ and to share my experience and a recipe with you!

We went to the big Morrison’s in Canterbury on a busy Saturday afternoon but despite the number of people we had a very positive experience. It was easy to find a very spacious Parent and Toddler space right near the entrance in the car park (a bonus at the moment as I’m not feeling very mobile with my expanding tummy bump!). Inside the supermarket the environment was easily laid out and ‘Market Street’ looked appealing. Staff were extremely friendly and made the experience as hassle free as possible.


As we had our vouchers I treated us to some extras that we wouldn’t usually buy, a Cheesecake for dessert,  a garlic flatbread, some beer for Daddy and an antipasti platter for a starter. I decided to go Italian and make a lasagne as I haven’t done it for ages and it turned out very nice! It has served us 3 (two adults and one toddler for THREE meals!)

Jacob was still in good spirits even after our shopping trip! woohoooo!

Here is the recipe – measurements aren’t all that important so just go with taste and looks and I reckon it will turn out fine!

Per portion without the ‘extras’ I think it cost under £1.50 per adult portion.

Yummy! Thank  You Britmums and Morrison's for choosing me!


Easy Lasagne Recipe


½ pack of Morrison’s Lasagne Sheets (95p per pack or 2 for £1.50)

1 Large Onion chopped

3 tbs Margarine or Butter

2 Tins Chopped Tomatoes (55p each)

A Squeeze of garlic puree (72p per tube)

A squeeze of tomato puree (99p per tube)

A block of cheese (£2.18)

1 Chopped Yellow Pepper(99p for 3)

Plain flour

Sprinkle of sugar


Quorn Mince (£3.58 per pack)

Salt, Pepper and Basil to taste.


To make the bolognaise fry the chopped onion until soft, add a generous squeeze of garlic puree then add the Quorn Mince and fry until its beginning to soften. Add two tins of chopped tomatoes and a squeeze of tomato puree. Sprinkle on a little sugar to reduce the bitterness of the tomatoes. Add the chopped yellow pepper and whatever other vegetables you might like. Season with salt, pepper and basil to taste. Keep this simmering away until it is cooked and tastes just right.

To make a simple white cheesy sauce melt the butter in a pan, take the melted butter off the heat and stir in enough plain flour to create a dough. Return the dough to the heat and add milk stirring as much as possible to reduce lumps until the sauce is the right consistency. Don’t worry if it looks too thick or lumpy at stages just keep stirring and cooking then adding more milk. Add a little grated cheese to this sauce until it tastes just right for you. Season if necessary.

Layer the bolognaise, white sauce and pasta sheets until you have a lovely baking tray full of lasagne and top with the white sauce and a generous sprinkling of grated cheese. Bake in the oven at around 180 degrees for approximately 30 minutes. Keep checking to make sure it doesn’t burn.


Morrison’s baby leaf salad (99p per bag)

Balsamic dressing (£1 per small bottle)

Cucumber (70p)

Sliced pepper (40p)

Morrison’s Signature Garlic flatbread (£1.45)

Morrison’s Signature Millionaires Cheesecake (£3.99)

Morrison’s antipasti platter (£3.00)


kateonthinice said…
I like your attitude when it comes to cooking. Thanks for your feedback on being a Morrisons Mum. Commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part

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