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Our Morrisons Meal - Yum!

This week I was lucky enough to be picked to be a #morrisonsmum and was sent £80 in vouchers to spend in store over the bank holiday to test out their ‘New Cheaper Morrison's’ and to share my experience and a recipe with you!

We went to the big Morrison’s in Canterbury on a busy Saturday afternoon but despite the number of people we had a very positive experience. It was easy to find a very spacious Parent and Toddler space right near the entrance in the car park (a bonus at the moment as I’m not feeling very mobile with my expanding tummy bump!). Inside the supermarket the environment was easily laid out and ‘Market Street’ looked appealing. Staff were extremely friendly and made the experience as hassle free as possible.

As we had our vouchers I treated us to some extras that we wouldn’t usually buy, a Cheesecake for dessert,  a garlic flatbread, some beer for Daddy and an antipasti platter for a starter. I decided to go Italian and make a lasagne as I haven’t done it for ages a…