I'm just having the best time!

It's the Easter holidays and after a busy start getting "the boys" room decorated- new furniture bought from IKEA and made (phew!) we have settled down for fun filled sunny, relaxing days. It's been wonderful!

We've been playing in parks, riding on the Romney Hythe and Dymchurch railway, to cool swimming pools and swimming lessons, more parks, visiting friends and family and generally having lots of fun!

The 'Easter bunny' left Jacob a really cool searching activity and some fun Easter gifts and some chocolate for when he had finished.  It was fab watching his excitement as he searched the garden for the little wooden eggs, bunnies and birds in his pyjamas, coat and trainers. He collected them in his new little bucket and when he had them all opened his little surprises - definitely being most impressed by the chocolate.

It's been so nice to spend time as a family and especially to take time to reflect on our family values and think about our relationships and the future. It all sounds a bit deep but really it's been great to have two whole weeks to grow closer and find ourselves individually again too. Both of us parents had separate trips away to visit friends and did loads together too.

This ominous (not so) little bump has given us lots to think about - practically and emotionally and we are so looking forward to meeting him. I cant wait for little Jacob to meet the baby and to start our life together as a family of FOUR!!



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