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"I'm so scared"

Maybe it's because I know what I'm in for this time. 
I obviously have the worry that everyone does at this stage of pregnancy - that it won't work out. But I try to put that to the back if my mind. What will be will be. I think in reality, because we had no problems last time and because I haven't had any problems in the past, that this time will be fine too. 
I'm really scared because of all the changes that are going to happen. I was getting quite used to my life - having my independence, going out with friends at the weekend while Jacobs dad looked after the little man, sharing responsibility for him with his dad, wearing what I like, eating and drinking what I like, staying up late and not being scared that I might not be allowed to sleep and getting pretty good at taking Jacob wherever, being prepared and being able to look after him. What will happen when there are two?! I'm going I need a double buggy! A two year old still needs to go in a buggy right? 
I …

I think I'm pregnant...

.. well, now I'm writing this I know I am! It's very early stages at the moment. We found out 2 days ago but I've been having very strong suspicions for about 3 weeks. Last time I had no idea but this time I think my body remembers the subtle feelings that early pregnancy brings. My boobs have been aching now and then, I've been getting headaches, feeling a bit queasy and my belly has hurt loads when I really need a wee. I am really thirsty and have gone off sweet things and am craving salty food, which happened the first time round too.

Doing the test and seeing the result was no real surprise to me. I didn't feel anything. I have however had enjoyable pangs of nerves each time I have told anyone. Unlike some people we have told our close friends and family even though we are so early on because should anything not work out we would tell them anyway. 
Day two of knowing about this new life beginning in my belly was more of a roller coaster. Most of the day went by a…


Sometimes only a girly day with friends will do. 
All last week I had been looking forward to a shopping day with one of my besties. Sometimes I really believe in "retail therapy" and this weekend I needed it badly.
(When I reflect on it I can feel quite guilty indulging myself when there are so many people with so little, but for now I suppose that's my downfall and I do support various charities. I guess this feeling is a symptom of our unfair world and something serious and important but not something I'm going to dwell on today.)
Despite all this I had really been looking forward to our girly date and getting something to wear for her birthday next weekend. Then I had such a bad Friday I really couldn't wait to see my buddies.
A bit about me - I work with young people with autism and challenging behaviour. I've been doing this a long time and find it an interesting, lively, fascinating and rewarding place to work. Of course there are difficulties but the bene…

Día de los Muertos - Saturday Stylings

I've been feeling very reserved about Halloween this year. It just seems a bit wrong to celebrate scary things like zombies and other dead and scary things around a little boy who is so small and impressionable. It also seems to me like Halloween has lost it's meaning. If it had Christian origins I feel like they have been lost now.

These are all reasons that I wasn't too up for celebrating this year until a good friend of mine who's birthday is the 31st October decided to have a Día de los Muertos themed party. I started researching on Pinterestand discovered the prettiness, flowers and sugar skulls all involved in this positive celebration of Mexican Day of the Dead. The Huffington Post describe the differences between Halloween and Mexican day of the dead like this "Dia de los Muertos is a holiday with Mexican origins that is celebrated on November 1 - 2. While some imagery might be close to that of Halloween, there are significant differences between the two. …

The day that Mummy, Jacob, Daddy and the rest of London all went to theaquarium...

... started out well enough. We got up relaxed from a good sleep and got ready to drive to London, in no great rush but making good time. The journey was uneventful and we parked the car at my sister's and got the bus to the Southbank. Jacob was very excited about being on the bus (busses are one of his favourite things at the moment-  in pictures, in books, on TV, on the road..) so he was happy to be on one and all the way there all we heard was "bus" "bus" "bus!". Having got the tube around London before with the little one and knowing the crowds and escalators are pretty difficult the bus was brilliant! We used an app called Citymapper which was brilliant, it showed us where we were and where to go to get the right bus! Easy peasy and fun!

I love YO!Sushi and there isn't one near us so every time I go near one I love to have a munch on some of their yummy grub. We got off the bus, walked towards the SEALIFE London Aquarium and hey presto there …