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Special words

Our little man is 16 months old and he is running and climbing and drawing and exploring and 'reading' and most of all talking like there's no tomorrow.

Jacob met a pony on Sunday and as "hoirse" (horse) was one of his first words he was pretty excited! 
He has so many words and repeats everything we say. It's so much fun talking to him and knowing that he understands and he can tell me what he wants and he even says "peese" (please) when he wants something!
I was chatting to a friend the other day about all this talking and she said that now her little one is talking so much better she misses the unusual ways that he used to say certain words that only she could understand. This got me thinking and there is something really special about talking to a little person who you know so well - it's almost like a secret language that you share and I'm definitely making the most of it now I have realised it's not going to last long. 
Here are some o…