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Back to reality & 15 months

After 6 weeks off together as a little family the daddy and me are back to work. It's been a glorious summer full of parties with friends, quiet time together, lots of fun at the beach, many trips to the zoo, catching up with family and generally enjoying each other's company. Now that we are back to work the little man is spending three days a week with my mum and dad again and me and the daddy have lots more to think about and get done.
It's stressful but we are just so lucky to have our oasis of calm in the middle of the year to spend together. I don't know many families who have the chance to do that and it makes me think about how fortunate the three of us are. 
I do find it really hard to juggle 3 days a week teaching and the rest of the time being a mum (goodness knows how people do it with two or more! And hopefully one day I'll find out!). The week can be quite stressful with Jacob's dad hardly seeing him at all some days and some days me the same and t…