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I <3 red - Saturday stylings

Well I've been a little bit in love with the colour red for a while but my love affair got to a whole new level this week. 
After having feeling kind of down and grumpy lately I thought some retail therapy was in order so I dragged my mum and the little man to Canterbury for a mooch around.
This lovely red medley was what I came back with and sad as it is it has made me feel a bit better to wear some new colourful threads! 

According to the shop assistant I was 'bang on trend' (haha) buying all of the same colour in different textures, I didn't really care too much about that but I love it all.
As you may know I'm a Cath Kidston fan and although I don't think I own that much my husband has kind of 'banned' me from there. (I have to say he hasn't succeeded as two of my purchases this week were from there!) But despite this he ventured in this week to buy me a little present to cheer me up! I love this spotty posh brio and I'm looking forward to using…

Adventures and A&E

We are having a fab time in Pembrokshire. We went on a fast boat trip across to a small Island to see wildlife and caves. It was amazing, the sea was a glorious blue and Jacob and the rest of the family had a great time spotting seals and jellyfish (yuk!) and looking a crabs caught in lobster pots. I was surprised to find out that the organisers allowed children of any age onto the boat (called 'Aquaphobia') but really pleased as it meant that we could all go together.

After the trip we stopped in St Davids, the smallest city in the UK for yummy fish and chips on the green. The sun was beating down and we were all chilled and happy. The little man is walking around all over the place now and is getting much more steady but unfortunately he fell down a tiny step and hit his mouth on the floor, he did catch most of the impact on  his hands and seemed quite ok apart from the scary amount of blood coming out of his mouth. I was beside myself as it looked like he had bitten the in…

Silent Sunday 04.08.13

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