Work angst

I've been back at work for 4 months now (working 3 days a week). At first it all went swimmingly but now I'm finding teaching 3 days a week has its own challenges and my work brain sometimes wishes that I could be full time again or at least go in early and stay late at work like I used to. Now I have to get in at the last minute and leave to pick up the baby as soon as I can quite often (although Daddy picks him up too) and it's really hard. My Mummy brain wishes I didn't have to go in at all! And my rational brain knows that its best for us all the way it is but sometimes its just not easy.

I've always been a very conscientious worker and I still am but now I am having to find new ways to get it all done.

I'm waiting for a laptop from work with all the right programs on it so i can work more at home, which I think will help. I'm just surprised at how strange it is now to have to share my life out between everything that I use to be and fitting in being a mummy too!! Seems obvious when I put it like that doesn't it. 


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