My toddling, waddling boy

I can't believe that my baby is 13 months old already!! 

He is now walking (taking quite a few bumps along the way) but walking! He loves his shoes and says "shoosh" at any opportunity.

He is such a little chatter box saying 'hiya' to everyone and now 'b bye' too! He uses a fork and is getting really independent already, he definitely knows what he wants. 

When I put him to bed I still cuddle him like he is a tiny baby but he's almost too big and heavy to fit in my arms that way! When did this happen? 

It is so strange to see your tiny little baby grow into a small person and soon enough he'll be a big person and what will I do then!? It's so strange I almost have to not think about it! Every day with him is a gift that I treasure. I want to do my best for this amazing little man and just hope I can. 


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