My Edinburgh Fantasy

This blog post is my entry into the Foodies100 competition as part of Premier Inn’s Festival Fringe campaign. If I win my ideal 48 hour Edinburgh Festival Fringe weekend, I’d love to stay at the Premier Inn on Princes Street in The City Centre.

I once stayed in a Premier Inn for a week when on a training course for work and it really was nice, just like Lenny says. Staff were lovely, rooms were great and beds were so comfy. So I have found that the Premier Inn are a brand that I can trust.

I would choose the Princes Street location as they have great views of Edinburgh Castle and 'The Kitchen' restaurant looks good too. They also have a score of 4.5 / 5 from their customers so far which you can's argue with!

Now onto  how I would spend my 48 hours and 500 fantasy pounds at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe ...

Having never been before I have only been able to have a look online at what the festival has to offer and as the largest arts festival in the world there is A LOT!

In all honesty if I had 48 hours and £500 I would probably start out getting one of the famous rickshaws into the city centre and having a walk around to see what shows and delights the festival had to offer. I would live spur of the moment not planning too much and see what the place has to throw at me. The freedom of letting it wash over me would be exhilarating.

The Fringe website seems to offer three main thoughts - each of which I love...
  • Be Inspired
  • Get Carried Away
  • Enjoy Every Second
I would have no trouble being inspired with so much to see and do, I would take my camera and have an amazing time collecting images and memories to inspire me for years to come. I would definitely get carried away and with £500 there would be very little holding me back from doing whatever I fancied (within reason). I would go with my husband and probably leave the little one at home with his Nana, although the Fringe has lots to offer children, I think in my fantasy he would be having fun at home while I really got carried away! What a treat! I can tell you now that I know I would enjoy every second, time is precious and I know we would make the most of it! I would seek out comedy shows in the main part as I have always been a massive fan of stand up and any type of comedy really. When shows come round our way I try to go to as many as I can. Jacob's Dad and I don't get as much time together to just be us as we used to so it really would be a fantasy to have 48 hours and £500 to have fun just us.

I've discovered that Edinburgh has more Michelin starred restaurants than any other city in the UK outside of London so if I had the time and money I think we would have to stop into one of them. We have never dined anywhere with a Michelin star so it would be a real experience for us. As well as that I would make sure I found some more down to earth Scottish cuisine, maybe not haggis (as a recovering veggie!!) but I've never tried a deep fried Mars bar either! Yum?

Fingers crossed that some of my Edinburgh Fantasy comes true one day.

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