He said 'mama'

Today was the first day since going back to work that I didn't get back quick enough to see the little man go to bed, when I got in he was already snoozing in his cot. I was really sad not to have seen him since this morning but happy that he can get on without me sometimes. 

This follows my first night leaving him last weekend and precedes my first weekend leaving him this weekend! Definitely a lot of firsts and we are both getting more independent, although I'm not sure either of us is 100% happy about it I know it is the best thing for both of us. I really enjoyed my night away last week and I know I'll have fun this weekend too. 

(A lovely picture The Dada sent me when I was away last week - they get on just fine without me) 

Jacob is 13 months old now and everywhere he goes people comment on how good his language is. He says 'hiya' to anyone that we pass, gaining us lots of smiles and making us lots of friends too. He can also say horse, clock, shoes, fish, dada, cuddle, yeah and lots of other words. Quite a few words for such a little one! But he's been talking a bit for a couple of months and I haven't heard him say mama yet! I've been trying to teach him it a bit because to be honest I was starting to get a little offended! So tonight when I got back to the house, crept into his room to have a little look at him and he looked up and said 'Mama' and got up for a cuddle I didn't mind one bit. I was so happy to finally hear him call for me it was a lovely moment and very reassuring in a period where we've been apart more than normal. Happy times. 


How perfect! I think we was waiting until you really needed to hear it ;)
beingmebeingmum said…
How cute what a nice thought :)

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