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My Edinburgh Fantasy

This blog post is my entry into the Foodies100 competition as part of Premier Inn’s Festival Fringe campaign. If I win my ideal 48 hour Edinburgh Festival Fringe weekend, I’d love to stay at the Premier Inn on Princes Street in The City Centre.

I once stayed in a Premier Inn for a week when on a training course for work and it really was nice, just like Lenny says. Staff were lovely, rooms were great and beds were so comfy. So I have found that the Premier Inn are a brand that I can trust.

I would choose the Princes Street location as they have great views of Edinburgh Castle and 'The Kitchen' restaurant looks good too. They also have a score of 4.5 / 5 from their customers so far which you can's argue with!

Now onto  how I would spend my 48 hours and 500 fantasy pounds at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe ...

Having never been before I have only been able to have a look online at what the festival has to offer and as the largest arts festival in the world there is A LOT!

Feeling HOT HOT HOT with the Charcoal Challenge

So I recently had the opportunity host my ultimate BBQ...

MoneySupermarket sponsored some bloggers to write about how we would host a BBQ spending £50. What with this recent heatwave I couldn't wait!

I am a teacher, as is my husband and a few of our best friends are too (we met during our training). Schools have broken up this week for the summer holiday which means the party and BBQ season has started! Now that we have the little man, hosting a party at home is a really good option as he can sleep soundly upstairs while we have fun. When I saw that MoneySupermarket were giving away £50 and challenging bloggers to host a barbeque I was really excited and chuffed to be given the opportunity...

For £50 we bought...

2 disposable barbeques (£2 each!) 18 burgers (great quality Scottish Angus beef), 12 sausages, bread rolls, cheese, different fun sauces and dressings, salad, marshmallows for toasting, a small party keg of lager, coconut liqueur for cocktails, orange juice, cranberry …

My toddling, waddling boy

I can't believe that my baby is 13 months old already!! 
He is now walking (taking quite a few bumps along the way) but walking! He loves his shoes and says "shoosh" at any opportunity.
He is such a little chatter box saying 'hiya' to everyone and now 'b bye' too! He uses a fork and is getting really independent already, he definitely knows what he wants. 
When I put him to bed I still cuddle him like he is a tiny baby but he's almost too big and heavy to fit in my arms that way! When did this happen? 
It is so strange to see your tiny little baby grow into a small person and soon enough he'll be a big person and what will I do then!? It's so strange I almost have to not think about it! Every day with him is a gift that I treasure. I want to do my best for this amazing little man and just hope I can. 

He said 'mama'

Today was the first day since going back to work that I didn't get back quick enough to see the little man go to bed, when I got in he was already snoozing in his cot. I was really sad not to have seen him since this morning but happy that he can get on without me sometimes. 
This follows my first night leaving him last weekend and precedes my first weekend leaving him this weekend! Definitely a lot of firsts and we are both getting more independent, although I'm not sure either of us is 100% happy about it I know it is the best thing for both of us. I really enjoyed my night away last week and I know I'll have fun this weekend too. 

(A lovely picture The Dada sent me when I was away last week - they get on just fine without me) 
Jacob is 13 months old now and everywhere he goes people comment on how good his language is. He says 'hiya' to anyone that we pass, gaining us lots of smiles and making us lots of friends too. He can also say horse, clock, shoes, fish, dada,…

Mummy's night out.

For the last couple of months I have been organising one of my besties hen night. It was on Saturday night and it was FAB! We had a pamper day at hers before going out for a meal cocktails and dancing. It was the first time that I have been out and stayed away from home since Jacob was born and I had such a good time. Just hanging out with the girls, chatting and being me was great - and the next morning was too. I did wake up at 6 like usual which wasn't much fun having gone to bed at 4am but getting up and having girly chats over tea and cake (we ate the 'willy cake' I had made for breakfast as we didn't get to munch it on the day) was so wonderful.

We did an Irish theme as a surprise for the bride to be as that's where she is from and it was a lot of fun!

I got really pretty nails done - something that when you're a new mum you don't get much of a chance to do, I love them and they make me feel really special (sad but true). The lady that did it was lov…

Make me a MoNsTeR competition!

This competition has now closed.
CoNgRaTuLaTiOnS!! to Ms Reading from who won for this lovely sketch and got her 'Eliza' monster brought to life. 

I had great fun looking at all the  entries so thank you to everyone who got in touch!! 
Recently I made Jacob and his little friends who turned one a personalised little monster each. I had lots of fun doing it and the boys loved them too!

Would you like to WIN one of these personalised  monsters for a special little monster in your life? Would you  like to design your own monster that would be made and personalised just for you?

Entering my competition couldn't be easier! Just follow these steps..
follow @beingmebeingmum on Twitter and like my Facebook page  then tweet or Facebook me a picture of your monster sketch using the hashtag  #mymonster and add the name you would like it personalised with. Your sketch can be as simple as the one below or with more details! Please add a comment to this post o…

Saturday stylings - feathers and wedges

I've been looking forward all week to writing my second #satursaystylings post. We had a wedding to go to yesterday and it was the perfect excuse to dress up again! I had bought a cool midi ring on e bay and I was going to go for a Aztec inspired tea dress which would've looked really cool with my new ring. But I wore the ring for a day and it broke! Sad times. I'm waiting to hear if I can get a replacement. I'm very into my silver and jewellery in general and losing or breaking something makes me very sad, especially when I loved it and it wasn't all that cheap!

So I ended up in a red shirt dress and the gorgeous wedges again feeling like a superstar in the sunshine from my knees down! 
I even managed to dye my hair, paint my nails, slap on a bit of sparkly tan and get ready in about 50 minutes which I reckon is good going for any lady getting ready for a wedding! 
Another happy Saturday 
Tweet me @beingmebeingmum #saturdaystylings with your Saturday styles!  x

Work angst

I've been back at work for 4 months now (working 3 days a week). At first it all went swimmingly but now I'm finding teaching 3 days a week has its own challenges and my work brain sometimes wishes that I could be full time again or at least go in early and stay late at work like I used to. Now I have to get in at the last minute and leave to pick up the baby as soon as I can quite often (although Daddy picks him up too) and it's really hard. My Mummy brain wishes I didn't have to go in at all! And my rational brain knows that its best for us all the way it is but sometimes its just not easy.
I've always been a very conscientious worker and I still am but now I am having to find new ways to get it all done.
I'm waiting for a laptop from work with all the right programs on it so i can work more at home, which I think will help. I'm just surprised at how strange it is now to have to share my life out between everything that I use to be and fitting in being a mu…