Sunday cycle

Today I broke free at 8am (having put the little one down for his morning nap and left him with a sleepy daddy - I know it seems early for a morning nap but he was up just after 5am -  eep!) I went round to borrow a bike from my mum and cycle! I didn't know how far I would get but I headed out over the fields towards the sea. 

I made it to the sea, along the front to the end of the prom to the castle AND back! Phew, jelly legs and a bit of a sore crotch aside, feeling fab! 

It was a glorious day today and the feeling of the sun on my shoulders, wind in my hair and the sparkle on the river and the sea was incredible. It felt like another world. It was a brilliant start to a great day.

We went on to spend some time in the garden, at the beach with family (the little man going in the warm sea for the first time) and to end the day having a BBQ in the garden just us three. 

It was a great day made even better by the sunshine. 


jennie said…
Beautiful pictures, so lovely that you got to enjoy the sunshine <3

Jennie xo |

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