Saturday stylings

I'm not the most fashionable girl in the world but I do like to wear cool stuff now and then. Since having the little man a year ago I've been trying to find my own style again as my body has changed a bit and my wardrobe needs to be a bit more functional too.

Like lots of ladies I think I've got too many clothes and loads that I never wear so I think it's time to say out with the old and in with the new. 

This month I got some gorgeous new red wedges from Next (£30) the platform makes them really comfy as it's really big at the front so I can wear them in the day and the night. 
The style I'm going for is a bit of retro brights, the wedges make me feel all vintage and look cool with my pale red / orange lip gloss and the bright yellow cardi really brightened up my morning after a shaky start. I saw a yellow cardigan like this in a really cool shop where I live, it was a Nice Things one and was £69 but really lovely and the girl in the shop was saying how it really goes with anything. I loved it but couldn't quite swallow the price so when I went in H&M and saw this one in the sale for £10 and almost identical I was pretty chuffed. 

Team these two new pieces with my oldest pair of jeans which I love and have been repaired time and time again and a grey T and we were good to go! MAC pinky/red nails were the icing on the cake, although after less than 12 hours it's already chipped! I guess that goes with the mummy/housewife territory! 

Nothing outrageous but making a little effort brightened up my week! I'm hoping to continue my #saturdaystylings next week too so watch this space! 


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