Feeling crafty....

Well since my room for improvement challenge I've been feeling increasingly crafty... I've always been like that but I think having a little one has given me the perfect outlet for my arty side. I can make silly childish bits and bobs and no one will think I'm odd! 

I've had some really nice feedback from my pervious post which included my dinosaur paintings. I got talking to the owner of the fab shop Milestones in Whitstable and I will be featuring as her 'artist of the month' in August! 

I was also mentioned by Actually Mummy who writes for BritMums 'Newbie Tuesday', I was so chuffed i think it spurred me on a bit! 

Recently I've made (or customised) a play house (interior decorating included!), a toy chest, lots of various art work for the little one's room and I'm currently up-cycling a vintage chair. Tonight I have made our little man's friend a small toy as a christening present!

It's by no means perfect but I think the little fella will like it! What do you think? Have changes in your life ever made you get crafty? 


Anonymous said…
I love it!! it reminds me of an Ugli doll. Do you get them over there? My kids loved them, I will tag Louise in a pic. of one I made for you to see.
beingmebeingmum said…
Sounds really cool, I think I have heard of them! I'm making two more now.. One for our little one and one for his other friend who is 1 next week! :) thanks for the comment

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