Family resemblance

Just had to share this... 

My mother in law showed me a picture the other day of my husband and his older brother as kids. I remembered a photo I took a few weeks ago where our little one and his cousin's resemblance to their dads is incredible! 

Get your eye peepers around this... 

I think the resemblance might be more to those of us who know them but what do you think? Nice similar pictures anyway and we didn't pose it either... 

PS look at this gorgeous pic of Jacob's dad - if Jacob looks like this in a couple of years he'll be a handsome chap!

I love the quality and vibe about these old pictures, it's kind of a shame that these days we take so many snaps that each one has slightly less significance, although I do love them all. I might have to choose some to print and make into a photo album. They're easier to treasure that way aren't they? 


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