Sunday, 19 May 2013

What comes first?

Well, the little man of course, but after that I've been finding it hard to know what to prioritise if I find myself with a bit of free time. 

This doesn't happen often, once Jacob is in bed I usually do any housework which is desperate then flake out with his dad before going to bed shamefully early. A family member commented yesterday "that's not much of a life", unfortunately I kind of agree. I'm still feeling ridiculously tired and like I'm losing myself a bit. So yesterday the paternal grandparents took the little man off my hands for the day. But then I was faced with the dilemma of whether to chill and pamper myself OR try to catch up with things I have to do. 

We've bought Jacob a wooden playhouse for his birthday and I wanted to paint it, build it and make it a bit unique so my dad and me set about creating that and I'm not joking it took ALL DAY. 

What I realised though was that getting something creative done gave me so much pleasure and I got so excited about it that I had a great day, one big job done and fun for mummy too! 

Can't wait to show you the results of my work once it's all completely finished! 

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