Bluebells, Butterflies and Beautiful friends

This weekend I had a much needed change and break.

I have felt at times like I'm falling apart; bad hair, bad skin, broken nails, a bit squishy round the edges and if you can't catch up it all gets a bit much!! Being so tired all the time doesn't help and it can feel like us three hardly get any real time together at all.

So going away for the weekend can worry me a bit but it had been in the diary for a long time and around rolled the weekend for us to visit some friends we hadn't seen for a while. I'm always a little nervous about these trips. I worry about how Jacob will cope sleeping away in his travel cot, about how tired I will get, about not getting silly stuff done at home. But we had such a great time!

They live in a beautiful rural area near St. Albans. We....
  • fed their chickens (now I want some of my own!)
  • visited 'Butterfly World' (ants were amazing! I mean, it's like real magic how they live, the queen sounds like one scary magical laydee)

Me and Jacob fascinated by the ants
  • had cocktails (fresh lime, rum, sugar, ice - yum!
  • walked in bluebell woods (just magical and a wonderful smell)

  • played with their dogs (gorgeous)
I'm proud of this gorgeous pic

  • watched films (Argo - a good movie but we fell asleep because we're not used to late nights!)
  • had a yummy pub lunch (with wine) and a very good time catching up!

I even got a lie in on Sunday and slept like a log! Jacob was really good and slept well too, we spent time with our lovely friends in a wonderful environment and I left feeling happy, refreshed and very lucky.

I'm so glad we went! Even though my hair and nails arent any better I feel much happier having seen my lovely friends.

What's your favorite way to spend a spring weekend?


Bex said…
Sometimes getting away is the best thing! I love the puppy picture, you should be very proud!
I was skimming, and I had to re-read when I recognised those bluebells. That's not Ringshall is it?
beingmebeingmum said…
It's harpenden , is that near Ringshall? It was so beautiful. You are lucky if you live somewhere like that :)
Yep, we live in St Albans :)
beingmebeingmum said…
You lucky things :)

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