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Sneaky preview...

Well last Sunday I posted about what comes first after a hard day painting the little man's play house and this Sunday I've spent time making curtains for it. I am becoming a little obsessed with making this thing the best I can! 
I thought I'd give you a little sneak preview of today's efforts. I can't wait to see Jacob playing in there.

I'm trying to keep costs down so used fabric from a local haberdashery, mums sewing machine and net wire to fix them up. Quite simple really just like cushion covers.
Hope you like them (I love the hummingbird design), there's still a bit more to do but I'll be sharing Jacob's reaction to his new play area after his birthday in 3 weeks!! We will be having a little party so I think the other children will enjoy playing in there too. 
Are you doing anything creative this bank holiday weekend? 

Kitsch Attraction

I went hunting round charity shops today to find some pictures and fabric for the little man's play house. 
I found myself with this porcelain hippo money box in my hand. I tried at least two times to put it back on the shelf but I couldn't do it! 
Maybe subconsciously I think it's just like me and the pickle or something!? Anyway it's on my shelf now and for some reason I love it! 

What comes first?

Well, the little man of course, but after that I've been finding it hard to know what to prioritise if I find myself with a bit of free time. 
This doesn't happen often, once Jacob is in bed I usually do any housework which is desperate then flake out with his dad before going to bed shamefully early. A family member commented yesterday "that's not much of a life", unfortunately I kind of agree. I'm still feeling ridiculously tired and like I'm losing myself a bit. So yesterday the paternal grandparents took the little man off my hands for the day. But then I was faced with the dilemma of whether to chill and pamper myself OR try to catch up with things I have to do. 
We've bought Jacob a wooden playhouse for his birthday and I wanted to paint it, build it and make it a bit unique so my dad and me set about creating that and I'm not joking it took ALL DAY. 
What I realised though was that getting something creative done gave me so much pleasure and I…

Bluebells, Butterflies and Beautiful friends

This weekend I had a much needed change and break.

I have felt at times like I'm falling apart; bad hair, bad skin, broken nails, a bit squishy round the edges and if you can't catch up it all gets a bit much!! Being so tired all the time doesn't help and it can feel like us three hardly get any real time together at all.

So going away for the weekend can worry me a bit but it had been in the diary for a long time and around rolled the weekend for us to visit some friends we hadn't seen for a while. I'm always a little nervous about these trips. I worry about how Jacob will cope sleeping away in his travel cot, about how tired I will get, about not getting silly stuff done at home. But we had such a great time!

They live in a beautiful rural area near St. Albans. We....
fed their chickens (now I want some of my own!) visited 'Butterfly World' (ants were amazing! I mean, it's like real magic how they live, the queen sounds like one scary magical laydee)


This week has been tough.

Jacob has been ill, his dad has been ill, I have been ill and so have the grandparents. 
I had to have 2 days off work, something I hate doing, Jacob's dad has been really busy with work and everything has got on top of me a bit. 
Luckily I have some wonderful friends and family around me to help as this weekend; I needed a break and didn't know what to do! Jacob's dad had gone on his yearly university reunion, I was still feeling rough and like I had no energy left, Jacob had been up lots in the night with teething I think and I was rock bottom. I called my mum to help me and luckily she was feeling a bit better and came for a shoulder to cry on and took Jacob so that I could have a couple of hours to myself. Then a surprise... Jacob's dad had asked his best man to drop round with some flowers to cheer me up! We had a nice cuppa and a chat and all of a sudden I had friends and family around me when I thought I was all alone. 
Revitalised afte…

Sun, Fun, Photos and Food

I hate to be steryotypically 'British' and talk about the weather but never mind...

How wonderful is it to feel the sun on your skin after what seems like an endless expanse of greyness that we have endured over the last few months? It really lifts my mood and I can't get enough!

It makes such a difference to me and I think being a mummy in the sunshine is going to be brilliant! We have already enjoyed more time out and about and our little family of 3 have been for walks and pub lunches in the sun already. We are really lucky to live by the sea and some lovely rivers. Our latest 'sunshine funtime' was at The Grove Ferry where we enjoyed the wonderful atmosphere and a very yummy and reasonably priced lunch (I had a great open goats cheese and ratatouille sandwich with chips, mmmmm). They have pigs and chickens in the garden, a lovely river with boats running alongside, great food and good walks nearby. I would really recommend it if you live in the area, especially…