Light therapy

Last week we had a trip to the Hayward Gallery on the South Bank in London. We were visiting my sister for her birthday and wanted to do something that would be fun for us but also keep the little man entertained. This was definitely it!

They have an exhibition called 'The Light Show' and it's on until the 6th May so there's still time if you fancy a look! Some tickets are available on the day an we got some without too much trouble !

The exhibition was amazing, I love light and the effects it can produce, the way it can trick you into seeing something that isn't really there and make you feel different things. As a child I used to love going into B&Q with my parents and staring up at all the different lamps. Last week I found out I haven't grown out of it!

Jacob was just as mesmerised as I was and seemed to love being pushed around while we marvelled at the different effects. At one point there was a piece with 3 different coloured rooms (no shoes allowed as it was all painted white) and he had a fab time crawling around and some strangers admired my gorgeous little man having fun as much as the art! (Proud muma).

After our trip to the gallery we had a walk around London and I had fun taking some pictures. All three of us enjoyed lunch on the river and Jacob stole some of our pizza, I think we might have that love in common too (but who doesn't?!) .

I feel so lucky being able to go and do this on a whim on a Monday. Working part time is working out really well so far. I feel so lucky on this Sunday night that I have another day full of fun with the little man tomorrow before work on Tuesday.


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