Handmade hooray!

It's so hard to know what to get people for their birthday sometimes but with a new baby and the first nephew for my sister I knew she would treasure something personal from our little man. There are so many companies and websites with options to personalise gifts but this time I thought something a little bit homemade would be better....

She has lots of pictures of him around her place but none in frames so I thought that this would be the perfect idea (and not too expensive either!)

We got a frame from a local shop with a big ish bit of mount card inside then just got messy with blue paint! Easy peasy! Even though the little man is only 10 months old I like him to do what he can and for it to end up looking like that too (ie messy!) and as you can see he did do lots of this himself! Jacob really enjoyed feeling the paint squidging between his little fingers and rubbing it onto the card. We made some handprints together which I would later cut out and stick onto the frame (I cut out and glued the handprint onto some blue card first to make it stand out) and TA DA! A lovely useful personalised gift for anyone who appreciates the homemade!!

  • Get paint paper and wipes ready first
  • Do this in a wipe clean area if you can!
  • Just before the bath worked well as I could clean him off straight away
  • Cover clothes or get the little one in his nappy to avoid paint stained outfits!
  • Embrace the mess! you can always clean up later!
  • Let him do what he can - kids art doesn't have to look neat and tidy.
  • Have fun!


Bex said…
Looks great! I think my sister would love this too x
beingmebeingmum said…
Thanks bex it's easy too! Simple and effective :)

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