Finding New Ways to Work

Having a 10 month old baby has so far meant constantly finding new ways of doing things.

When Jacob was first born I used to get up, dressed and made up for the day before he woke up then go back to bed so that when he woke I would be ready to go! MADNESS and luckily this only went on for a couple of weeks before I realised how crazy it was (not to mention unnecessary).

The way I get things done has changed so much..
· (tiny baby) When he was tiny he would sleep in his moses basket while I did things or play on his mat. I could get dressed while he lay on our bed.
My tiny man lying on our bed
· (rolling baby) When he started rolling that all changed and he would have to sit in his baby bouncer and play with toys while I got on with stuff.
· (crawling and starting to toddle) Then he wouldn’t sit in his bouncer anymore and wanted to crawl and climb everywhere! The house got rearranged, all adult possessions got moved, baby gates went up and hard surfaces got covered in cushions! Now I have to get things done when he has his nap. I love this age - he is so much fun!

I'm sure that when he starts walking I will have to re-think everything again.

Going back to work has meant many changes but this Easter holiday, trips away and sickness left me with no option but to take the little man into work with me yesterday so that I could get some work done before the start of term. He sat in his pushchair munching his lunch while I worked, came with me to get photocopying and then played in his playpen while I did a bit more. I'd even say that he quite enjoyed it!
My gorgeous boy with me at work
Being a mummy means finding new and clever ways of getting things done; I wonder what other changes I’ll have to make over the next few months! 


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