Family time (adventure Nana)

We have just got back from a short break at Center Parcs. It was full of nostalgia for my family but especially for me and my little sis. We had such fond memories and it was great to be able to share these with my little one and his Dad.
It was fun taking Jacob to explore the "subtropical swimming paradise" (I love that they call it that!) although it did seem a bit cold in there when you were wet which wasn't ideal. I loved taking him around the lazy river, in the lagoon pool and hot whirlpools and the warm (ish) pool outside. Unfortunately they are updating the baby area at the moment so that was closed which was a bit of a shame.

We also took the little man to a soft play session where he had lots of fun crawling around the huge hall and discovering the different toys. He seemed to enjoy sitting on the back of my bike for rides and was very interested in the ducks and other forrest wildlife. I think he is still a bit young to get the very most out of the Center Parcs experience but he had a great time with his family and I look forward to taking him back when he is a little bit older and can enjoy the outdoor play areas and other activities.

We went for my Mum's 60th and it was a brilliant way to celebrate. The staff were really great and Mum did some high tree trekking and went on the new water ride 'tropical cyclone' which is awesome and even jumped into the freezing plunge pool! I was very proud of her and really happy that Jacob has such an adventurous Nana! We all had a great time and will certainly remember it for a long time.

 (Bowling might not be my strong point - I did come last but as you can see I have some serious style! ahem... )


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