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Falling in love...

It might sound strange but I am SO falling for our little man. I loved him from the moment I knew he was in my belly but as he grows and changes and becomes his own little man I love him more and more each day.

I want to spend time with him so much, I look at him and my heart just melts, I worry about him at any hint of mishap or illness (we nearly went to the emergency doctors AGAIN last night with a rash than an hour later had disappeared), I miss him when I go anywhere without him, I love his laugh and the games he likes to play. It's all a bit scary. Most of all I am full to bursting with love and happiness for this wonderful child (that's not to say he can't be 'wilful' as we are seeing all this too but that's another story).

Anyone who knows me knows I'm a MASSIVE 'Fraiser' fan. I watch it almost every day as I fall asleep (I met Kelsey Grammer in NYC and almost peed my pants!). In one episode Fraiser reassures a worried mum-to-be Roz... &q…

Light therapy

Last week we had a trip to the Hayward Gallery on the South Bank in London. We were visiting my sister for her birthday and wanted to do something that would be fun for us but also keep the little man entertained. This was definitely it!
They have an exhibition called 'The Light Show' and it's on until the 6th May so there's still time if you fancy a look! Some tickets are available on the day an we got some without too much trouble !

The exhibition was amazing, I love light and the effects it can produce, the way it can trick you into seeing something that isn't really there and make you feel different things. As a child I used to love going into B&Q with my parents and staring up at all the different lamps. Last week I found out I haven't grown out of it!
Jacob was just as mesmerised as I was and seemed to love being pushed around while we marvelled at the different effects. At one point there was a piece with 3 different coloured rooms (no shoes allo…

Handmade hooray!

It's so hard to know what to get people for their birthday sometimes but with a new baby and the first nephew for my sister I knew she would treasure something personal from our little man. There are so many companies and websites with options to personalise gifts but this time I thought something a little bit homemade would be better....
She has lots of pictures of him around her place but none in frames so I thought that this would be the perfect idea (and not too expensive either!)
We got a frame from a local shop with a big ish bit of mount card inside then just got messy with blue paint! Easy peasy! Even though the little man is only 10 months old I like him to do what he can and for it to end up looking like that too (ie messy!) and as you can see he did do lots of this himself! Jacob really enjoyed feeling the paint squidging between his little fingers and rubbing it onto the card. We made some handprints together which I would later cut out and stick onto the frame (I c…

Finding New Ways to Work

Having a 10 month old baby has so far meant constantly finding new ways of doing things.

When Jacob was first born I used to get up, dressed and made up for the day before he woke up then go back to bed so that when he woke I would be ready to go! MADNESS and luckily this only went on for a couple of weeks before I realised how crazy it was (not to mention unnecessary).
The way I get things done has changed so much.. ·(tiny baby) When he was tiny he would sleep in his moses basket while I did things or play on his mat. I could get dressed while he lay on our bed. ·(rolling baby) When he started rolling that all changed and he would have to sit in his baby bouncer and play with toys while I got on with stuff. ·(crawling and starting to toddle) Then he wouldn’t sit in his bouncer anymore and wanted to crawl and climb everywhere! The house got rearranged, all adult possessions got moved, baby gates went up and hard surfaces got covered in cushions! Now I have to get things done when he ha…

Family time (adventure Nana)

We have just got back from a short break at Center Parcs. It was full of nostalgia for my family but especially for me and my little sis. We had such fond memories and it was great to be able to share these with my little one and his Dad. It was fun taking Jacob to explore the "subtropical swimming paradise" (I love that they call it that!) although it did seem a bit cold in there when you were wet which wasn't ideal. I loved taking him around the lazy river, in the lagoon pool and hot whirlpools and the warm (ish) pool outside. Unfortunately they are updating the baby area at the moment so that was closed which was a bit of a shame.

We also took the little man to a soft play session where he had lots of fun crawling around the huge hall and discovering the different toys. He seemed to enjoy sitting on the back of my bike for rides and was very interested in the ducks and other forrest wildlife. I think he is still a bit young to get the very most out of the Center Pa…