Yummy Mummy?

I have been reading a few posts on  Slummy Mummy's blog about getting back in shape after having a baby and keeping things (like waxing) on the agenda when you might rather have a little nap!

Going back to work has spurred me on a bit to think about who I am (hence the blog) and get back to being me as well as being mum. I was never hugely into sport apart from dance and couldn'd find a place to do that where I live but when I heard about a "back to netball" club near me I thought I'd give it a try... and I LOVE it! All the skills came flooding back from school and it's a great atmosphere to learn again in as all the other ladies are in a similar boat. My fitness wasn't as bad as I thought it was and I've even started jogging now too (well its more half jog half walk at the moment but you have to start somewhere).

I'm really pleased that I am trying to do something about my fitness and I think it will impact well on other areas of my life, I already feel like I have more energy for things and I have felt my body change a bit too. Now all I have to do is keep it up!?

It is hard to get back to feeling like yourself after your body has been through so much and your style sometimes has to take a bit of a hit (finding clothes on your new budget that have easy boob access or arent too tight on the old middle section and suit your new shape can be a challenge!). Im trying to make sure that I still look after myself and make an effort to get dressed up when I can. The sport is definately helping and a little treat here and there like a new nail varnish or top always makes me feel better. These new Models Own colours are a winner! Maybe I'll be a yummy mummy yet!? 

Models Own Ice Cream Sundae


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