The gruesome miracle - If only I'd known...

I never watched One Born Every Minute or Maternity Ward before I'd given birth because I'm a bit of a worrier anyway and didn't need any encouragement to think too much more about what birth would entail. I still don't really watch it but I caught a glimpse the other night of a new life being wrestled into this world and it got me thinking about the gruesome miracle of birth and what I wish I had known...

Everyone knows it can be long, ugly, beautiful, stressful, surprising and will be painful but I didn't know that I would want to have recorded more of that in some way!

I heard the term 'memory collector' the other day and that is definitely what I am. This year I started a journal which I write every day, this blog and I have got into photography. There's also an app called One Second Everyday which I love and creates a great collection of one second of your videos all mashed together (definitely one to look into if you are a memory collector too).

The thing I wish I had known about birth is that the memory of the first few seconds of my baby boy's life would be so clouded by pain, emotion, exhaustion and drugs that 9 months down the line it has faded a bit! I wish I had more photos and although a bit controversial maybe a video of that amazing moment as he took his first breath and I first held him in my arms. My advice to expectant mothers would be to really consider taking lots of photos and writing a journal in those days after your baby is born (and if your brave enough consider some photos just for you during and after the birth). My memory isn't the best so these things are so precious to me. I'm going to be brave and share one of my few labour photos with you... It might not seem like much but it's a memento of that crazy night that changed my life. Next time round hopefully ill be brave enough for a couple more photos!

The clever people over a LittleStuff have teamed up with Aptaclub to create a new app to help mums in their last trimester of pregnancy, there's so much advice out there that these apps can be really helpful. It even has a contraction timer and recorder so you can give your midwife a really clear record of what's been happening so far. Check out the app here.

Good luck if you are expecting soon and get snap happy! You won't regret it!

Epidural Time
This post is beingmebeingmum's entry into the Aptaclub ‘If Only I’d Known…’ competition.


Bex said…
I have a photo that was taken only seconds after Archie was born, his cord hadn't been cut yet and it is so raw and real that I love it. I really wish I had something similar from the first birth as they are such magical (and very painful) times. x

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