One Week In...

One week into our new routine and although we got off to a bit of a bumpy ride (quite literally as Jacob is in that stage where he is bumping his head a lot as he learns to get around) now that week one has been endured I think that Jacob, parents and grandparents are all optimistic and getting used to it now.

I feel like I still have a little way to go until I am properly back into the swing of work but it's all coming back to me. My employers have been great in letting me settle in gently and I am really lucky.

I have come across people who are of the opinion that by going back to work I am going to be missing out on parts of my child's life and even that I have chosen money over time with my baby. This obviously upset me but having thought about it I have decided that going back to work 3 days of the week will give me a chance to be "me" as well as "mum" and pursue a career which will have many benefits for my child as well as for me and all of us as a family. I want him to know that part of life is working hard and I am modelling this for him. Also he is learning to spend time with other people and developing really strong relationships with his extended family. Not forgetting that I still have 4 quality days with him a week ( to do things like play in jelly at the baby group! see pic) plus fun mornings and evenings when I am at work.

I've been tired and it has taken it's toll on other areas of my life. I have had to work hard on my relationship with Jacob's dad and we have both been putting in the effort to support each other and talk to each other.

My parents are getting used to it and are doing really well although it is a bit of a challenge for them at times. I also appreciate that I am lucky that he can be with his grandparents instead of with a child minder or nursery.

Feel free to share your opinions ....


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