FIRST chocolate treats!!!

Easter is on the way and so I thought that me and the little one could have a go at a simple bit of  "cooking" to celebrate (although as he is still so small it was really me doing the cooking and him doing the tasting!). As you can see this "fancy fruity chocolate nest" was quite tempting in the end!

This easter our little family of 3 are off to center parcs with the grandparents and my sister to celebrate my mum's 60th birthday. I am so pleased as I havent been since I was little and the feeling that the place gives me inside is something I can hardly describe. It just feels so special and I am over the moon that I can hopefully share this with my little man. I'm worried he might be a bit small to get the benefit of being there but I'm sure the vibes will be really exciting for him anyway and we have booked to take him to the soft play area and some other activites he will like - apart from the SWIMMING which I know he will love. I'm really looking forward to sharing the fun with Jacob's dad as he's never been before and they have an exciting new water ride in Elveden which should be up his street. They have a sweet shop there too which was always an exciting place for me and my lil sis so here is my recipie for the above creation inspired by Easter and the upcoming holiday...

You will need...

mini eggs
rice crispies
greeseproof paper

1. Put out two sheets of greeseproof paper and wash and dry the strawberries
2. Melt the chocolate (if you're careful you can do this in the microwave but keep getting it out to stir it and make sure it doesnt burn)
3. Dip the strawberries with leaves still on into the chocolate and place on greeseproof paper to cool.
4. Pour some rice crispies into the remaining chocolate and stir (add as many as you like so that the chocolate covers them and they still stick together)
5. Use SPOONS to bulild a nest shape on the other piece of greeseproof paper (Don't try to mould a nest shape using your hands as I did - It doesnt work! See pic below. You do get some good finger licking going on if you do try this though!)
6. Allow all the chocolate to cool and set and arrage with mini eggs as the picture! and you're done!

I really like this because it's quick and simple and the strawberry leaves look like grass around the nest. Also because Jacob has never had chocolate before I didnt want him to overdose so the strawberries I gave him only had a really little bit on the tip of each one (the ones I ate were pretty much coated!). So you can vary this depending on how much of a treat you want it to be!

Jacob really enjoyed his first taste of chocolate and the strawberries and I loved our first attempt at cooking together even if he was mostly watching! Such a nice treat for a saturday and a bit of quality fun time after all the time I've spent away from him at work! Happy times.


Bex said…
This looks fab and about the right level of cooking for me! I might attempt this with Dylan although I don't think I will be able to get away with half dipped strawberries for him somehow! x
beingmebeingmum said…
I bet he'll love it! Let me know :)

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