... and breathe..

The Easter break has come at the perfect time. Back at work for a few weeks and just getting used to it and now I get a whole two weeks off with my family. I’m more confident now that going back to work was the right thing to do (not that I had much choice anyway).  The pressure seems to have really lifted. Having a routine with work and the little one, getting a bit fitter, seeing friends and going out.. Life seems to have a good balance to it now.
I love my little man so much and he really is my world, my heart is also full of love for his dad and all of my family and friends. I am lucky to have such a great network of support around me. Now I am able to really be me. I’ve got into playing netball and the ukulele and photography as well as looking after my family and myself. Spending some good time with family, a new outfit for a night out last night and this weekend I feel very satisfied with life and well rounded. I’m looking forward to the future.
Now all we need is some sunshine.
I think it’s valuable to take time to think about what is important to you and be who you want to be. What do you do that makes you feel good? I love reading your comments so feel to share your thoughts…


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