9 months already

Jacob is 9 months old today and it has gone so quickly. So much has changed and it has been a roller coaster.

The first few days and weeks I couldn't sleep or eat with a mixture of excitement and nerves, then came what seemed like unending tiredness and a touch of postnatal depression (which thankfully I got sorted pretty quickly). Then we got settled into our weekly routine of groups and going out and about to see different friends and family which was a very happy time although not without its difficulties finding things to do that fitted in with both our routines. I found some groups daunting when older children were there running around and other groups were just at the wrong time of day.
We went to weddings, I had my first night out, we had a family holiday, his Christening, Christmas and learning to feed him real food. (I never realised what a big deal I would think it was!)

Now he is pulling himself up, babbling, has 3 teeth and is looking like he is getting ready to take his first steps! And I am back at work!

Our first nine months together have been full of fun; baby massage, walks on the beach, swimming, messy play (in paper, jelly and even cooked spaghetti), visits to family and trips to the zoo. It's been challenging and wonderful and has brought our family closer.

Every new stage means a change and it really does go so quickly but I am getting used to it and developing as he does. What will we be in another 9 months?


I've just come across your blog; lovely to be able to read about someone going back to work. ..... How quickly they grow up!. So much you have squeezed in to his first 9 months of his life;
I will definately be following from now on :).
beingmebeingmum said…
Thanks for your comment! Having a baby is a pretty big deal but leaving him to go back to work seemed a big deal too and felt I wanted to share! So pleased you like it :)

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